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Faculty and Staff



College of Science

Faculty and Staff







Johnson Agbo   Assistant Professor







Daniel Bercovici   Lecturer
Carol Boyd Carol Boyd   Laboratory Manager







Drew Budner   Visiting Assistant Professor
Dave Evans Dave Evans   Associate Professor
John Goodwin John Goodwin   Professor

Charles Keller

Charles Keller    Teaching Associate

Kathleen Kuhler

Kathleen Kuhler   Lecturer

Ken Lotts

Ken Lotts   Teaching Associate


Jonathan Meyers   Lecturer
Amber McWilliams Amber McWilliams   Lecturer
Kevin McWilliams Kevin McWilliams   Assistant Professor

Dali Nunez-Milland

Dali Nunez-Milland   Lecturer
Paul Richardson Paul Richardson   Associate Professor
Brett Simpson Brett Simpson   Associate Professor/Chair
 Bryan Wakefield Bryan Wakefield    Assistant Professor
Rachel Whitaker Rachel Whitaker      Assistant Professor

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Brett K. Simpson

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