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Paul Richardson Research

Humanity is besieged with the constant onslaught of bacteria and viruses on a daily basis, and we are slowly falling behind in this battle.  Over the past few months outbreaks of salmonella have bedeviled our food supply, hospitals are constantly plagued with Staphylococcus infections that are resistant to antibiotics, and in one national park over 10,000 people were potentially infected by hantavirus.  New weapons are needed in the fight to help inhibit and prevent these infections.  Our research is focused at looking at novel means to prevent/inhibit bacterial infections/blooms in our community.  The bacteriophage project is trying to isolate and identify naturally occurring bacteriophages in our community that could be used to treat bacterial skin infections.  The unnatural amino acids project it trying to determine the effectiveness of d-amino acids in inhibiting bacterial infections of the skin and bacteria that cause food poisoning.  The environmental bacteriophage project wants to isolate and purify bacteriophages in our marine estuaries to study their ability to control bacterial blooms.

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