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Coastal Carolina University hosts foreign film series

January 6, 2005

A series of six foreign films will be presented at Coastal Carolina University during the spring 2005 semester.

All the films in the series will be screened in Coastals Wall Auditorium on Mondays at 7 p.m. with free admission. The series is sponsored by Coastals Office of Student Activities. For more information, call 349-2301.

Jan. 24 Good Bye, Lenin

A disarming, wildly inventive and offbeat comedy in which a young German attempts to protect his mother after she awakes from a long coma by convincing her that the Berlin Wall is still standing and Communism rules East Germany. Winner Best European Film Berlin Film Festival. Directed by Wolfgang Becker.

GERMANY 2003 118 mins In German with English subtitles

Feb. 7 Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring

Set entirely in and around a floating Buddhist monastery with breathtaking vistas, this understated and elegant film by Korean writer-director-actor Kim Ki-duk examines a mans life in five telling moments. Under the tutelage of an old monk, a youngster learns the secrets and lessons of the world around him. An unsentimental but powerful evocation of desire and aging.

SOUTH KOREA 2003 103 mins In Korean with English subtitles

Feb. 21 - Monsieur Ibrahim

In a working class Parisian neighborhood in the early 1960s, two unlikely characters a young Jew and an elderly Muslim deli owner begin a friendship. This tender and sweet-spirited parable of the brotherhood of man won Omar Sharif a Cesar Award for best actor and has been a surprise hit in Europe. Directed by Francois Dupeyron.

FRANCE 2003 95 mins In French with English subtitles

March 7 Monsoon Wedding

Here comes the bride but is she ready? in this romantic comedy from New Delhi native Mira Nair. This film is set in contemporary India where bride to be Aditi has to contend with her traditional father Lalit Verma who loves his family dearly but does not have time for their modern ways. Aditi faces the dilemma of an arranged marriage and how it conflicts with her contemporary take on relationships.

India 2002 114 mins In Hindi with English subtitles

March 28 Maria Full of Grace

Maria Full of Grace weaves a gripping narrative of risk, determination, survival and redemption as it follows a bright and brave young woman on a life-threatening, life-changing odyssey from Colombia to New York when she accepts a job transporting heroin as a drug mule. Directed by Joshua Marston.

USA/COLOMBIA 2003 101 mins In Spanish with English subtitles

April 11 Control Room

Jehane Noujaim provides an eye-opening documentary on Al Jazeera, the independent news network that is the most popular source of information in the Arab world. Demonized by the Bush administration and banned by some Islamic nations, Al Jazeera is faithfully watched by 40 million people. Based on comparisons of Iraqi war coverage by U.S. news agencies and by Al Jazeera, the filmmakers suggest that truth is gathered, presented and ultimately created by those who deliver it. Directed by Jehane Noujaim.

UNITED STATES/EGYPT 2004 84 mins In English and Arabic with English subtitles

For additional information, contact the Office of Student Activities at 843-349-2301.