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'Cinderella' ballet at Coastal adds comic twist

March 7, 2005

The Columbia City Ballets production of Cinderella will be performed March 31 and April 1 at 7 p.m. in Coastal Carolina Universitys Wheelwright Auditorium. General admission is $20 adults, children 18 and under $5.

Cinderella, like its ballet sibling Romeo & Juliet, was composed by Sergei Prokofiev during World War II. It was first performed by the Bolshoi in 1945. The production, based on the French fairy tale as told by Charles Perrault, focuses on the theme of Cinderellas honesty and modesty triumphing over the stepsisters and stepmothers greed and arrogance.

William Starrett choreographed the ballet 19 years ago when he first took over as artistic director of Columbia City Ballet. Since then, the company has performed the production in 1985, 1990, 1999 and now this year.

Prima Ballerina Mariclare Miranda and Ballerina Victoria Cholkas will alternate the role of Cinderella; both have been coached by Raisa Struchkova, who originated the role with the Bolshoi and is considered to be its definitive interpreter. Principal Dancer Jose Serrano and dancer Daniel Galarraga will alternate the role of the Prince. The production will feature Bobby Craft and David Legan en travesti (in drag) as the stepsisters, lending comedy to the production. Principal Dancer Betsey Clark and Soloist Regina Willoughby will alternate the roles of the wicked stepmother and the fairy godmother.

Thirty-four local children will be dancing the parts of clocks, dragonflies, butterflies and pages in the full-length production. For tickets or more information, call the Wheelwright Box Office at 349-2502.