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Coastal to limit freshman enrollment for second time

June 2, 2005

Coastal Carolina University will place a limit on the number of freshmen admitted for the fall 2005 semester, according to an announcement today by President Ronald R. Ingle.

The decision was made in response to the unprecedented number of applications received by the university. This year to date, Coastal has received more than 5,400 applications for 1,400 available slots. As of June 1, freshman admissions for the upcoming semester are up 14 percent over fall 2004.

Faced with the prospect of overcrowded classrooms and stretched resources, Coastal administrators have decided to limit freshman admissions offers after June 10 only to qualified applicants from the immediate area. Applicants for transfer, graduate and transient admission will continue to be considered for fall 2005.

"This is a measure that helps ensure that we don't compromise on quality in the classroom," said Ingle. "One of the hallmarks of a Coastal education is productive student-teacher interaction, and we must be careful that it isn't endangered by classes that are too large."

The administration's action modifies Coastal's admissions policy, which allows applicants to be considered for admission until the start of classes each semester. The adjustment is considered only a temporary measure, according to Ingle, and is not intended as a permanent policy. This marks the second time in Coastal's history that limits have been placed on freshman enrollment. The first was in 2003.

The expected fall enrollment of more than 7,500 students will be the largest in the university's history. Coastal Carolina University offers baccalaureate degrees in 39 major fields of study and 37 undergraduate minors. The University also offers master's degree programs in education, instructional technology, and coastal marine and wetland studies.