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Local company donates scientific instrument to CCU

February 23, 2006

Integrated Environmental Technologies Ltd., a Little River-based company, has donated a $50,000 instrument to Coastal Carolina University that will be used in important research conducted by CCUs College of Natural and Applied Sciences.

The company donated an EcaFlo anolyte generator, a machine that can create various natural biocide solutions from tapwater and a dilute brine. Those solutions can be used for killing bacteria on crops, sterilizing surfaces and as a first-strike response to viral infections and terrorist attacks.

This instrument will open up a multitude of new doors for faculty members and students at Coastal Carolina, said Coastal President Ronald R. Ingle. We are thankful for our fruitful partnership with Integrated Environmental Technologies and we hope it continues to grow throughout future decades. This is another example of how public/private partnerships benefit the university and our community.

Several Coastal professors are already using the new equipment to test agricultural and microorganism control issues in South Carolina. Associate professors of marine science Jane Guentzel and Brent Lewis are judging the effectiveness of the solutions in killing fungi on grapes, peaches, strawberries and other small fruits produced in the state.

IET Inc. is a subsidiary of Integrated Environmental Technologies, Ltd. The companys EcaFlo Division specifically designs, builds and sells equipment for producing reliable, environmentally friendly solutions to control bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microorganisms. The company relocated to Little River in 2003 after a nationwide search for a new home.

We were offered different incentives from many different states but the most important aspect in deciding where to relocate and begin operations was finding a research-oriented university and thats what Coastal Carolina said it wanted to be, said William E. Prince, president and CEO of Integrated Environmental Technologies Ltd. We felt this was the right place for this company to relocate, and we made the best decision for the company.