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Coastal removes bridge and fence to College Park

June 15, 2006

In response to community concerns, Coastal Carolina University has removed the bridge and the fence between the campus and the College Park subdivision.

The university originally constructed the bridge to facilitate foot traffic between the campus and the neighborhood located directly behind the residence halls. With the increase in the number of students who live in and around College Park and with the consequent rise in pedestrian traffic through the area, the university came to realize that the presence of the bridge was creating problems for the year-round residents there.

"In an effort to work with our friends whose neighborhood has changed as the university has grown, we felt it was in the best interest of everyone to remove the direct link between our campus and the neighborhood," said Eddie Dyer, legal counsel and vice president of university relations for the university. "We're a growing university with all of the challenges associated with growth and we need to continue to be a good neighbor."