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University Place begins third year

July 24, 2006

University Place, the unique residence facility for Coastal Carolina University students, begins its third year of operation next month with the opening of the fall 2006 semester. As a record number of students arrive on campus to begin the academic year, residents of University Place will find that some changes have been made at the facility in response to their concerns, particularly regarding visitation and access policies.

"The university strives to be flexible in accommodating students' requests and at the same time maintain the highest standards for safety and conduct," said Lynn Willett, vice president of Coastal's Office of Student Affairs.

The apartment-style complex, located one-half mile from campus on S.C. 544, was built to provide student housing within a short shuttle distance from the university. The 1,000-bed facility offers many of the amenities of apartment living-private rooms, kitchens, washer and drier-with the safety and organizational structure of university housing.

University Place was developed through a partnership established by the Coastal Carolina Student Housing Foundation, a South Carolina-based development company. The Coastal Carolina Student Housing Foundation is a non-profit organization formed to provide student housing and to support Coastal Carolina University.

Coastal is expecting a fall enrollment of more than 8,000 students.