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CCU board authorizes fee increases, approves freshman on-campus housing requirement

January 12, 2007

Coastal Carolina University's board of trustees voted Friday to approve a 3.79 percent increase in the student housing fee, from $2,110 per semester to $2,190, and a 3.60 percent increase in the meal fee, from $1,110 per semester to $1,150.

The board also voted to implement a new freshman housing requirement that will require non-local freshman students to live in on-campus residence halls during their first year. National statistics show that college students who live in residence halls are more likely to complete their degree than those who live off campus, largely because they are more engaged in campus life and activities. The purpose of the policy is to improve student retention and graduation rates at Coastal.

Freshmen may qualify for an exemption if they are over 22 years old; are veterans; live less than 50 miles from campus; are married or are parents; or if they have significant medical restrictions. The new policy will be effective beginning with the Fall 2008 semester.

The board approved emeritus status for the following retiring faculty members:

--Gerald V. Boyles, distinguished professor emeritus,retiring June 1, 2007;

--William R. Hamilton, emeritus professor, retiring June 30, 2007;

--Charles Joyner, distinguished professor emeritus,retiring May 15, 2007;

--Richard A. Koesterer, emeritus professor, retiring June 30, 2007;

--Virginia B. Levsen, emeritus professor, retired Jan. 1, 2007; and

--Randall A. Wells, distinguished professor emeritus,retiring May 31, 2007.

The board also approved honorary degrees for the following individuals, who will be honored at the May 2007 commencement:

--Ronald R. Ingle, president of Coastal Carolina University, who will also be the commencement speaker;

--James C. Benton, Myrtle Beach businessman whose community philanthropy includes a major gift to Coatsal's football program;

--Gen. James Hackler, retired Air Force general and who pioneered the promotion of the area's golf industry;

--Josephine Humphries, distinguished South Carolina author, known for such books as "Dreams of Sleep" and "Rich in Love"; and

--Judy Ingle, local educator who has been heavily involved in arts programming at Coastal during her husband's tenure as president.