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CCU forms steering committee for strategic planning

August 31, 2007

Coastal Carolina University President David DeCenzo has announced his appointments to the Strategic Planning Steering Committee who will work collectively to develop the university's new mission and identify values and strategic priorities. Consistent with his commitment to increase the openness with which the university conducts its affairs, DeCenzo has chosen individuals from the university as well as from throughout the community to create a broad-based committee.

The committee will consist of 17 members, including:

* Student - Lauren Brajer, Student Government Association president

* Faculty - Dave Evans, College of Natural and Applied Sciences

* Faculty - Gib Darden, Spadoni College of Education

* Faculty - Jerome Christia, E. Craig Wall Sr. College of Business Administration

* Faculty - Maria Bachman, Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts

* Faculty - Sallie Clarkson, Kimbel Library

* Alumni - Michael Frazier, Class of 1996

* Staff - Christine Mee, director of Coastal's Office of Institutional Research

* Board of Trustees - Dr. Samuel Swad of Gaffney

* Coastal Educational Foundation - Col. William Baxley (Retired)

* Western Horry County - Charles Jordan of Conway

* Georgetown County Council & School Board - Jerry Oakley of Murrells Inlet

* Horry County Council and Higher Education Commission - Carl Schwartzkopf (District 8 Representative)

* Horry County Schools and Coastal Carolina University administration - Wilbur Garland, chairman, Horry County School Board, and interim vice president for business affairs at Coastal Carolina University

* Legislative Delegation - the Honorable Billy Witherspoon

* Media - Milton Miles, marketing director of The Sun News

* Business Community - Brad Dean, president and CEO, Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce

"We structured the committee to be representative broadly of the various stakeholder groups that comprise Coastal Carolina University," said President DeCenzo. "I have asked Will Garland to serve as chairman of the committee to facilitate the strong connection between this important committee's activities and Coastal Carolina University administration."

"This committee structure will enable each of the stakeholder groups to more fully understand the aspirations, needs and concerns of each other. In this manner, we expect that the resulting mission and institutional priorities will comprehensively reflect a unified commitment to a common path for Coastal Carolina University," said Darla Domke-Damonte, who was recently appointed coordinator of strategic planning for Coastal. She will serve as chief of staff to the Strategic Planning Steering Committee.

For further information, contact Domke-Damonte at (843) 503-8183 or by e-mail at Further information and upcoming activities of the strategic planning process at Coastal Carolina University are available at