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New class of Wall Fellows and Rolls Royce Scholars named at CCU

March 7, 2008

Seven students have been selected for the prestigious Wall Fellows Class of 2010 at Coastal Carolina University. Two students have also been selected for the first class of Wall Fellows/Wall Fellows Rolls Royce Scholars, a new CCU leadership program sponsored by Rolls-Royce Corporation.

The members of the new Wall Fellows class are:

* Tom Ducary, an accounting major from Fairhaven, Mass.

* Ashley Frederick, a finance/math major from Lusby, Md.

* Lauren Mouse, a management major from Cumberland, Md.

* Tina Petkova, a finance major from Oakville, Ontario, Canada

* Chad Restori, a finance major from Pittsburgh, Penn.

* Jillian Nyhof, a political science major from Alpharetta, Ga.

* Desiree Leach, a biology major from Irmo, S.C.

The members of the new Rolls-Royce Scholars program are:

* Shanta Johnson, an accounting/finance major from Gaston, S.C.

* Maranie Staab, a marketing/management major from Trafford, Pa.

The Wall Fellows program was initiated in 1993 by the late Conway businessman Craig Wall Jr. in response to the need for business graduates with stronger leadership, critical thinking and interpersonal skills. Though the program is intended primarily for business students, students from humanities and sciences are also included.

Students are chosen for the Wall Fellows program through a competitive application process. The primary focus of the program is a rigorous three credit-hour per semester course which covers specific nontraditional areas including interpersonal and communications skills, ethics, business and social etiquette and cross cultural business skills. Fellows are also expected to complete a full-time, six-month internship out of the area during the program, as well as an international experience between their junior and senior years.

Since the program was initiated, Wall Fellows have had internships at major companies in New York, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Washington, D.C., London, Barcelona, Mainz (Germany), Brussels and Santiago, as well as other metropolitan cities.