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Smoking on campus moves to designated areas only

July 31, 2008

Coastal Carolina University has implemented a new policy prohibiting smoking in campus buildings, outdoor areas and in university-owned vehicles. The policy is a result of a Student Government Association (SGA) resolution requesting a more stringent smoking policy on campus. A policy was drafted by the Office of Human Resources and submitted to the President's Executive Committee for approval.

Smoking is restricted to 12 designated smoking gazebos around campus. They include:

• Between the Singleton and Prince buildings off to the side of the walkway

• Behind the Coastal Science Center on the east campus (across U.S. 501)

• Outside the Waccamaw Residence Hall

• Outside Santee Residence Hall

• Outside Wheelwright Auditorium towards Kimbel Library

• Behind Sands Hall

• Between Oak and Cypress residence halls

• To the side of Edwards College near the bridge side towards the parking lot

• The parking lot beside Singleton towards the Indigo House (Career Services)

• Outside The Rivers, Woods and Gardens residence halls

• Behind the Wall Building

• Outside the Smith Science Center to the right of the front entrance

Department of Public Safety officers will enforce the policy and will begin reminding students, faculty, staff and visitors that there are now designated smoking areas.

Faculty and staff who have more than one infraction will be considered to be in violation of University policy. Penalties range from a written reprimand to suspension to termination. Students with repeated offenses will be reported to Student Affairs, and a judicial process will begin.

"When we ask someone to go to a specific area to smoke, we are hoping most people will comply," said Chief Greg Weisner.

Smoking in a state building is a violation of a state statute and can result in a $25 fine.