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'Tea and Ethics' seminar delves into the morality of sex

September 3, 2008

Coastal Carolina University professor Nils Rauhut will give a talk titled "Virtue Ethics and Sexuality" on Wednesday, Sept. 17 at 4:30 p.m. in the Recital Hall of the Thomas W. and Robin W. Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts. The event is free and open to the public.

This discussion, which is part of the University's Jackson Family Center for Ethics and Values' Tea and Ethics series, will repeat Thursday, Sep. 25, at 6 p.m., in the Fellowship Hall of Myrtle Beach First Presbyterian Church.

Rauhut will frame his discussion with a question: A person who is courageous, honest, compassionate and just-in short, a person who leads a life of moral virtue-is worthy of praise. Such a person is a role model and, if Plato is right, such a person will lead a happy life. But is it certain that such a virtuous person will handle sexual desires well? Rauhut will argue that the relationship between virtue and sexuality is more complex than often assumed by famous thinkers.

Rauhut studied philosophy and history at the University of Regensburg (Germany). He earned a master's degree in philosophy from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Washington in Seattle. He taught at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. Rauhut is an associate professor of philosophy at Coastal Carolina University.

The discussion is sponsored by the University's Jackson Family Center for Ethics and Values. The purpose of the center is to cultivate and promote awareness in the community of the importance of personal and professional integrity. For more information, contact the center at 349-4149.