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New book by Coastal Carolina University professors examines "The American Family"

November 13, 2008

"The American Family: Understanding its Changing Dynamics and Place in Society," a new book of essays by 11 Coastal Carolina University faculty members, examines the institution of the family in American society from multiple perspectives. The book was recently issued by Charles C. Thomas Publishers, Ltd.

Edited by Dennis Wiseman, professor of education and longtime university administrator, the book is an interdisciplinary collection of essays designed to provide a deeper understanding of the American family as it has evolved and continues to evolve in modern times. Topics include the changing dynamics of the American family, the post-traditional family and family values, justice in the family, adoption and family formation, grandparenting roles in the family, the family's role in the education of young children, the family and its influence on the health of family members, family policy in the U.S., psychological perspectives on childrearing practices, and oral narrative and family traditions.

"The cross-disciplinary nature of the text is a major strength of the study of the family and serves to accent the breadth of knowledge, experience and scholarship of the Coastal Carolina University faculty," said Wiseman.

In addition to Wiseman, article authors include Maria K. Bachman, professor of English and director of the Interdisciplinary Studies and Women's and Genders Studies programs; Monair J. Hamilton, assistant professor of health education; William E. Hills, associate professor of psychology; Julinna C. Oxley, assistant professor of philosophy; Patricia S. Piver, assistant professor of education; Nancy C. Ratcliff, associate professor of early childhood education; Nils Rauhut, associate professor of philosophy; Michael J. Root, assistant professor of psychology; Holley E. Tankersley, assistant professor of political science; and Stephanie W. Wright, assistant professor of psychology.