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April 16, 2001

SuperSonic Summer Youth Programs, a series of summer educational programs designed for students age seven to 16, are being offered June 4 through August 2 at Coastal Carolina University.

More than 40 programs are available including classes on computer technology, foreign language, science, math, ecology, drama and writing skills. Sponsored by Coastals Division of Extended Learning and Public Services, all classes will be held on the Coastal campus.

Most courses are held Monday through Thursday. Half-day courses are $65 per student and full-day courses are $129. A discount will apply if a student registers for more than one full-week or if two or more children register from the same family.

The courses are taught by Coastal instructors, Horry County school teachers and community experts in the field. Class sizes are small with student-teacher ratios of 14:1.

For more information or to register, call 349-2665 or visit on the Internet.

The classes being offered include:

Computers for Kids

Computers for Kids: Word, Research and Graphs; Powerful Presentations: Internet and PowerPoint; Keyboarding: Typing Techniques; Be an Entrepreneur;

Drama and The Arts

Drama Workshop; Staging Workshop; If You Can Scribble...You Can Draw!; The Ability To Draw Is Inherited...NOT!; Orange You Glad You Take Art; Reptiles, Up Close and Personal! (Sketching); Fun Fotography for Kids;

Science and Math

Anatomical Science: Biology Lab; Zoology: Save the Endangered Species; Cemetery Science: Geology; Star Gazing: A Study in Astronomy; Wetlands and Water; Forensic Science; Creepy Critters; Math Mania;

Writing and Literary Studies

Harry Potter Review; Young Authors Camp;

Foreign Language

Passport to Espanol