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Use Your Sole tour comes to Coastal Carolina University

October 15, 2009

Pop bands Hanson, Hellogoodbye, Steel Train and Sherwood are coming to the Coastal Carolina University campus on Friday, Oct. 23 for a one-mile barefoot walk as part of the Use Your Sole Tour. The walk will start in Spadoni Park at 1 p.m. and go around the campus. Students and the public are encouraged to join in.

The Use Your Sole tour is intended to raise awareness about the plight of the poor in Africa and around the world. Hanson and their fans have already completed 24,902 miles together, which means they have traveled the distance around the world and are several thousand miles into their second lap. Hanson's dedication to this cause was chronicled in "Take The Walk," a book and EP released in November 2008.

The University's Office of Student Activities and Leadership is sponsoring the walk. The bands are performing at House of Blues the same evening.

The Hanson brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac are currently working on their eighth album, due for release sometime in 2010. Hellogoodbye is a power pop band that was formed in Huntington Beach, Calif., in 2001 by singer Forrest Kline.

Sherwood is an indie rock band from San Luis Obispo, Calif., specializing in upbeat pop rock. Rock band Steel Train is currently recording a 12-song album that is so far untitled.

For more information, all the Office of Student Activities and Leadership at 843-349-2301.