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Textbook by CCU education faculty published

December 2, 2009

Effective Teaching: Preparation and Implementation, a new edition of a textbook co-authored by three Coastal Carolina University education professors, was recently published.

The fourth and latest edition of the book, by professors Gilbert Hunt, Dennis Wiseman and Timothy Touzel, focuses on acclimating new teachers to an educational culture that will be defined by rapid change. Fast developing technologies and increasing societal complexity will require todays teachers to be more knowledgeable, accountable and flexible than ever before.

Because of this emphasis on high standards for student performance, which has resulted in more rigorous assessment of learning and higher accountability for teachers, one of the major issues facing teachers today is the need to provide high-level instruction in a learning environment that attends to expectations for academic rigor while remaining sensitive to all students needs and providing each student an opportunity for success, the authors write in their introduction.

Gilbert H. Hunt is Singleton Chaired Professor and Research Scholar in the Spadoni College of Education and a former dean of the college. Dennis Wiseman, professor of education, is also a former dean of the college. Timothy Touzel is a distinguished professor emeritus of education at CCU.