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CCU implements new portals for transfer students

March 1, 2010

In an effort to improve and ease the process of transferring to Coastal Carolina University, two new Web sites are now available.

Both sites are designed to help students make effective transfer decisions, to provide administrators with a new method of assisting students with transfer coursework, and allow continuing students interested in taking summer work at home to know what courses are eligible for transfer back to the university. The data contained on both sites is continually updated as new equivalencies are determined.

The first portal is College Transfer (, a national site that contains information on institutions from across the United States. Through this site, students can view a schools profile, course equivalencies, transfer agreements as well as acceptable CLEP and AP credits. This site also offers transfer students a library of information, blog, forum and helpline. Students may search for equivalencies from specific schools or programs offered in a specific region.

The second portal, the South Carolina Transfer and Articulation Center (, was set up specifically for South Carolina-based students. All 33 public institutions within the state of South Carolina participate in the program, and all information available on the national site may also be accessed through the state portal (as long as the transferring to institution is a South Carolina institution). Students may create an equivalency map to see how their coursework transfers into CCU. This information may be saved in a course history file and added to at a later date or emailed directly to a school counselor.

For more information, contact Stacy Wyeth, assistant registrar for transfer equivalencies and program evaluation, at 843-349-2428.