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July 12, 2001

Approximately 80 new principals of South Carolina schools are expected to participate in the 16th Annual Principal Induction Program, which is scheduled for July 15 to 20 at Coastal Carolina University.

The Principal Induction Program is designed exclusively for first- year principals to help them develop and improve leadership and presentation skills.

The academy gives participants an opportunity to discuss issues and concerns with other first-year principals, veteran principals and experts in the field. Each participant is paired with an experienced principal who serves as a mentor. Follow-up meetings throughout the year provide additional training in leadership and management skills and serve as a forum for exchanging ideas.

The five-day summer institute will include seminars conducted by state and local experts on such topics as team building, accountability, managing schools, finance, academic standards and safety.

The Principal Induction Program is sponsored by the South Carolina Department of Education's Office of Professional Development in response to State Regulation 43-167, which requires newly-appointed principals attend a summer training institute to prepare for their positions.