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CCU’s Jackson Center to offer intro course in ethics

September 13, 2012

An introductory course in ethics will be presented on Tuesday, Sept. 18, at 4:30 p.m. in the James J. Johnson Auditorium, located in the E. Craig Sr. Wall College of Business Administration. The public is invited to attend the free course.

This event is designed to give attendees a brief introduction to the study of ethics in preparation for the Jackson Family Center for Ethics and Values flagship "Tea and Ethics" series.

Brian Tracy, assistant director of the Jackson Center, will lead a discussion that will cover the four schools of philosophy: metaphysics, which deals with the fundamental questions of reality; epistemology, which deals with our concept of knowledge, how we learn and what we can know; logic, which studies the rules of valid reasoning and argumentation; and ethics - or moral philosophy - which is concerned with human values and how individuals should act. Movie clips, news stories and more will be used to introduce students to the concept of ethics and what it means to them.

The event is part of the Tea and Ethics Discussion Series presented by CCU's Jackson Family Center for Ethics and Values. For more information, visit the Jackson Center's website at or call 843-349-4149.