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CCU's Conner wins 'Shagging with the Stars' competition

January 28, 2013

Coastal Carolina University's Debbie Conner is a winner of the 7th annual "Shagging with the Stars 2013." The vice president for student affairs, who was paired with a 16-year-old junior shagger for Friday's competition, was named the female champion, along with Stepen Blalok, the male winner.

Conner, who was new to the South Carolina dance, was taught by and performed with River Harmon, a sophomore at Myrtle Beach High School. They practiced for a couple of months before the funraiser competition, which is sponsored by the National Shag Dance Competition.

Conner, who admits to being "super competitive," said she enjoyed learning something new, especially since the shag is such a huge part of the Myrtle Beach culture.

The winner was chosen by a panel of judges whose votes counted as two-thirds of the total score, with a third of the score determined by audience reaction. Observers at the event said that Conner was the crowd favorite.