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Two programs offered via videoconferencing

April 16, 2002

Two live videoconferencing programs - one on personal conflict resolution and one on water pollution - will be offered through Coastal Carolina University's School of Continuing Studies, in conjunction with Clemson University. The programs will be held in the National Guard distance learning classroom, located on the second floor of Coastal's University Hall. The fee for each program is $8.

The presentation "Sharks, Owls, Bears, Foxes and Turtles" will be held Tuesday, April 23 from 2 to 3 p.m. Deborah Thomason, associate professor of family and youth development at Clemson, will explore personal conflict resolution styles. She has conducted more than 30 workshops that have helped individuals and families to resolve conflicts with a win/win resolution. Techniques and strategies to help improve communication skills and interpersonal relationships will be the focus of this interactive program.

On Tuesday, May 14, "South Carolina Home*A*Syst" will be presented from 2 to 3 p.m., by Rex Blanton, S.C. Home*A*Syst coordinator for the Clemson Cooperative Extension Service. Home*A*Syst is a risk assessment system for pollution, created specifically for homeowners. The system teaches individuals how to protect the quality of surface and ground water near their homes and throughout their communities and to identify and correct pollution sources and health risks. According to Blanton, since pollution comes from a variety of sources, simple changes in daily routine can help protect water supplies.

For more information, contact Coastal's School of Continuing Studies at 349-2665 or visit on the Internet.