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New course on computer information security offered

June 19, 2000

As more and more reports surface regarding hackers who have penetrated, disrupted and compromised computer systems, Coastal Carolina University is offering a new course on computer information security practices and policies. "Introduction to Information Systems and Operations Security," (CSCI 499) scheduled for the fall 2000 semester, will address security concerns related to computers, telecommunications and operations.

"Very few universities are offering a course like this one," said Frank McCusker of Coastal's Department of Computer Science. "The class has been designed in response to an urgent industry need to know more about information-related attacks and defenses. Business professionals involved with any aspect of computer information will benefit by taking this class."

The course will be based on the 10 domains of Common Body of Knowledge for Certified Information Systems Security Professionals. It will examine the evolution and interpretation of national and international laws, policies, standards, guidelines and trends regarding information security. It will also cover the use of cryptography, public key infrastructure and the economic, industrial, military and political aspects of what is now known as Information Warfare. The course will provide students with a solid understanding of the terminology and tradecraft of information security, computer security and operations security.

For more information on the course, contact McCusker in Coastal's Department of Computer Science at 349-2144 or 497-0386, or by e-mail to