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Coastal Carolina University to limit freshman enrollment

June 20, 2003

Coastal Carolina University will place a limit on the number of freshmen admitted for the fall 2003 semester, according to an announcement today by President Ronald R. Ingle at the university's quarterly board meeting.

The decision was made in response to the unprecedented number of applications received by the university. This year to date, Coastal has received more than 4,700 applications for 1,300 available slots. As of June 15, freshman admissions for the upcoming semester are up 21 percent over fall 2002. Coastal's residence hall capacity for the upcoming semester also has been reached.

Faced with the prospect of overcrowded classrooms and stretched resources, Coastal administrators have decided to limit freshman admissions offers after June 30 only to qualified applicants from the immediate area. All other applicants may be considered for spring or fall 2004 admission.

"Record enrollment is a good problem to have, but we must make sure we don't compromise on the quality of the education our students receive," said Ingle. "One of the most attractive benefits of Coastal for many students is small class size, and we are committed to fostering an educational climate that encourages productive student-teacher interaction."

The administration's action modifies Coastal's admissions policy, which allows applicants to be considered for admission until the start of classes each semester. The adjustment is considered only a temporary measure, according to Ingle, and is not intended as a permanent policy.

Applicants for transfer, graduate and transient admission will continue to be considered for fall 2003.

The expected fall enrollment of more than 6,000 students will be the largest in the university's history. Coastal offers baccalaureate degrees in 33 programs, master's degree programs in education, including a master's of education in educational technology, and a new master's degree in coastal marine and wetland studies.