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CCU Politics, American Style community dialogue series continues

March 3, 2004

The next installment in Coastal Carolina Universitys Politics, American Style community dialogue series will feature a discussion about Americas relationship with the U.N. The event will be held Tuesday, March 9 at 7 p.m. in Georgetown at Prince George Parish Hall and again on Wednesday, March 10 at 7 p.m. in Myrtle Beach at Temple Emanu-El at 65th Ave. N. and Kings Highway. Its free and open to the public.

Fred Newby, a Myrtle Beach attorney and teaching associate at Coastal, will lead a discussion on the History of the U.N. and U.S. Involvement. Coastal politics professor Jim Henderson will argue A Case for Multilateralism, followed by professor Pam Martins A Case for Unilateralism.

The discussion will address the following questions: Has Americas role in the U.N. been one of cooperative leader or imperialist thug? Should the U.S. seek multilateral cooperation through the U.N., or should it pursue its national interest? This panel will debate the merits of both foreign policy approaches.

These events are part of the On Being American series, created last year by the Board of Visitors of Coastals Thomas W. and Robin W. Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts. The series is designed to involve area citizens and Coastal faculty members in discussions about the basic tenets of American life and culture.

The series will conclude with a discussion on American elections and representation, scheduled for March 16 in Georgetown and March 17 in Myrtle Beach at the same time and locations. The topics Do Campaigns and Elections Matter and How Do You Vote When Both Sides Are the Middle? will be addressed by Coastal faculty members Jack Riley and Michael Ruse.

For more information, contact the Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts at 349-2421.