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Minor in Communication

The program is designed to examine communication behaviors as they occur in social contexts, such as public addresses, written rhetoric, nonverbal behaviors of individuals and groups, interactions within organization, and, on a more personal level, relational or interpersonal communication patterns. 

Courses Credits
COMM 101 - Introduction to Communication 3
COMM 274 - Organizational Communication 3

COMM 302 - Communication Law and Ethics
(may substitute PHIL 102, 305, 317, or 318 for COMM 302)

COMM 334 - Small Group Communication 3
COMM 410 - Special Topics in Communication 3
Choose 2 from the following:
COMM 304 Gender Communication, COMM 341 Advanced Public Speaking, COMM 495 Communication Internship, JOUR 309 Introduction to Public Relations, JOUR 316 Entertainment Media, JOUR 365 Women and Media, ENGL 390 Business and Professional Communication, ENGL 462 Writing Workshop-Fiction, ENGL 465 Creative Nonfiction Workshop, PHIL 305 Contemporary Moral Issues, PHIL 319 Environmental Ethics

A grade of C is required in each course to be applied toward the minor