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Director of Core Curriculum

The Director of the Core Curriculum provides leadership for the Core and guides all aspects of the curriculum, the assessment, and the overall evaluation of goals and student learning outcomes of the Core.

Core Curriculum Committee

This committee oversees and makes recommendations regarding all aspects of the Core Curriculum, including implementation, modification, and assessment. The committee’s recommendations regarding modifications to Core Curriculum requirements are forwarded to the Academic Affairs Committee for approval prior to requesting Senate action. Each individual college is responsible for Core Curriculum student petitions. The College from which a student is requesting a course waiver hears the petition. Appeals to the Core Curriculum petition decisions are heard by the Core Curriculum Committee. The Director of the Core Curriculum is responsible, in conjunction with the Office of Institutional Research and the Core Curriculum Committee, for ensuing effective ongoing development, implementation, and assessment of the Core Curriculum. The Director of the Core Curriculum reports this data and the Core Curriculum recommendations to the University Wide Assessment Committee.  (Faculty Manual )

 Current Members of the Core Curriculum Committee

 Proposing New Courses to the Core Curriculum

Courses offered in the Core Curriculum are not static. Faculty, departments and colleges are encouraged to propose new courses.  Courses need to include specific, measurable student learning outcomes based on the student learning outcomes for the Core goal.  Proposals must include the method of assessment that will be used to measure the student learning outcomes.

The Core Curriculum Committee reviews and approves or disapproves all Core course proposals prior to the Academic Affairs Committee review.  Course proposals are located on the Forms page under Office of the Provost Academic Affairs Committee Online Forms

Removal of Courses for the Core Curriculum

At times, departments may find that courses previously offered as part of the Core Curriculum are no longer viable. When a department determines that they will no longer offer a course that is part of the Core Curriculum, the department must fill out the Form A located on the Forms Page under Office of the Provost Academic Affairs Committee Online Forms and request that the course be removed from the Core Curriculum. The Core Curriculum Committee reviews the request prior to review by the Academic Affairs Committee. 

Faculty and the New Core

Provides information on the New Core Curriculum, guidelines for submitting proposals, required worksheets, and assessment rubrics.