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Core Curriculum

At Coastal Carolina University, the Core Curriculum consists of eight knowledge goals designed to educate students in the liberal arts tradition. In each of these knowledge goals, students select courses that interest them.

The courses that make up the Core Curriculum are designed to teach students the critical thinking, communication and inquiry skills that are needed to be successful in college and in their future professional lives.  The courses also provide students with experiences in the natural sciences, mathematics, the humanities, global studies, and the fine arts as part of the process of developing these skills.  The Core Curriculum Skills and Connections chart show real-life applications of these skills and knowledge.

Every student who enters as a freshman will complete the Core Curriculum before graduation, and most courses will be taken in the freshman and sophomore years. Some departments may require students to take specific core courses for their majors, so students must ensure that they follow the program requirements for their major. Depending on the courses selected and the major field of study, students will earn 39-44 credits in the Core Curriculum.

Core Mission

The purpose of the Core Curriculum is to provide an educational experience in the liberal arts tradition that encourages and supports free inquiry, critical thinking, effective communication, and creativity. Persons educated in the liberal arts will have the opportunity to explore and cultivate an understanding of the multiple aspects of human culture and the natural world. The Core Curriculum is designed to prepare students for a thoughtful and productive life by exposing them to the methods of inquiry and practice of the humanities, the sciences, and the arts. 

Upon successful completion of the Core, the students of Coastal Carolina University will develop the skills necessary to think clearly and logically, to gather and analyze information, and to express themselves effectively. As well rounded individuals, our students will possess the qualities to excel in their chosen fields of study and to live conscientious, responsible lives.

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Director of the Core Curriculum

Margaret Fain
Reference and Instruction Librarian
Kimbel Library Room 106
Coastal Carolina University