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CHANT Intervention Team (C-IT)

Refer a Student to the CHANT Intervention Team

Coastal Carolina University maintains a CHANT Intervention Team to identify and assist students who are at risk of failing or having to leave the university for behavioral, psychological, or health reasons. 

What Students? 

  • Students who are struggling to maintain adequate and successful functioning
  • Students whose behaviors are disruptive to the educational environment. 

Who’s on the Team?

Regular members of the team include:

  1. Dean of Students (Chair)
  2. Student Advocacy and Intervention Manager (Coordinating Team Member)
  3. Vice President for Student Affairs
  4. Student Conduct Manager
  5. University Housing Administrator(s)
  6. Public Safety Representative
  7. Director of Counseling Services
  8. Director of Student Health Services
  9. Director of First Year Advising and First Year Experience
  10. Associate Provost, Assessment and Accreditation

Other members of the university community may be asked to attend an occasional team meeting when a student of concern to that individual is being discussed.

2013-2014 CHANT Intervention Team

What Will the Team Do?

  • Share the identity of students with whom they are concerned with other members so that others will be aware of student needs and may be able to initiate assistance;
  • Consult with one another about appropriate strategies for assisting students of concern;
  • Agree upon a plan of action so that various university personnel are taking a consistent approach to assisting a student;
  • Identify a “point” person who will coordinate the assistance that a particular student of concern receives;
  • Determine who needs to have information about particular students of concern so that the optimum balance between offering assistance and maintaining privacy of students is achieved.

What Can Faculty and Staff Do?

  • Observe student behavior.  Look for:
    • Unusual emotional displays
    • Disruptive classroom behavior
    • Excessive absence/tardiness
    • Changes in typical behavior
    • Repeated requests for special considerations
    • Inability to get along with others
    • Complaints from other students
    • Disjointed thoughts
    • Dramatic weight gain or loss
    • Physically harmful behavior
    • Reference to suicide or homicide in verbal statements or writing
  • Talk to students about your concerns.  The possible intervention by the CHANT Intervention Team is not a substitute for your normal response to students. 
  • Make a list of behaviors that have caused you to be concerned about a student.
  • Refer students to services that can help.


  • Notify your director or direct supervisor of your concerns about a student.  Your supervisor can offer you assistance and decide whether to present the concern to C-IT.
  • Once discussed, call members of the C-IT to consult about a student who concerns you.


  • Call members of the CHANT Intervention Team to consult about a student who concerns you.
  • Contact the Dean of Students for consultation, to request that a student be discussed by the team, or to attend a meeting to discuss a student that may be at risk.

How Do I Refer a Student to the CHANT Intervention Team?

Contact Information

  • Eldred E. Prince Building, Room 122
  • Email:   dso@coastal.edu
  • Phone:   843-349-4161
  • Fax:      843-349-2316