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Top 25 FAQs

  1. Why is there a two year housing requirement? A few years ago Coastal Carolina University determined that our students should have a residential experience at the foundation of their education. First and second year students are required to live on campus unless they are living with their parents or guardians, are married, have dependent children, or are veterans or active military. We have been able to guarantee everyone who meets that requirement a bed on main campus or at University Place and still have enough beds to house a handful of new transfer students. Those students who wish to apply for housing can do so by following this link: Apply for housing. Those who believe they qualify for an exception should follow this link: Submit an exemption request.

  2. If I did not get my preference do I have to pay the higher rate for what I was assigned? Residents are always billed for the space they occupy even if it was not preference indicated on their housing application. Housing rates are approved annually by the Coastal Carolina University Board of Trustees and reflect the most cost efficient operation of our facilities possible including completely inclusive utilities and the support of 24 hour a day maintenance and custodial staff and a host of student and professional staff trained and dedicated to connecting you to the university and committed to helping you be successful. Notably, the 2012-2013 room and board fees are unchanged from the 2011-2012 fees; this is a very unusual practice at most colleges and universities and we are proud to able to keep costs down for our students. You may request a room change to a less expensive option and will be moved if it that option is available and your student account will reflect the daily rate for the time you spent in both spaces.

  3. What are the meal plans… and can I change mine?  All resident freshman and sophomores are required to have one of the four resident meal plans.  Exemptions may be granted with the submission of a doctor’s excuse.  Requests for exemption should be directed to the Office of University Housing.  A base meal plan is $1,350.00 per semester.  Other meal plan options are available for all other students.  Details on other meal plan options can be found at http://www.coastal.edu/aramark. Students living in University Housing can change their meal plan by calling the University Housing office at 843-349-6400 or visiting us just off the main lobby in Ingle Hall next to Hicks Dining Hall. These changes can be made during the first two weeks of the semester. Those students living off campus should work with the Office of Student Accounts located in the Evergreen Building or by calling 843-349-2159.

  4. How do I change rooms? Prior to the beginning of the semester the best option is to call or email the University Housing office to place your name on the room change request list. Keep in mind that not all requests can be met before the beginning of the semester, but we will keep all those requests we receive in the summer active after the semester begins. Students whose names remain on the list will be contacted with the offer of a move as spaces become available and in the order the requests were received. Once you move in the best way to pursue a move request is to speak with your Resident Director (ask your RA who this is and where their office is if you haven’t met them) who can make sure your request gets placed on the list. Not every request can be honored, so work with your RA and current roommates to make the most of the assignment you have now…you might be surprised how often roommates who did not know each other to start off become the best of friends.

  5. Why am I in a double room at University Place or a triple room on Main Campus? In order to provide the most spaces at the least cost we have decided to offer triple and double rooms in our communities. These rooms are selected because they can safely and comfortably accommodate the furniture necessary for two or three students to live successfully. Even after will complete construction of the new residence halls being planned for the north side of campus we will continue to offer these more affordable options to our incoming and returning residents. University Housing has a blog - ccuhousing.wordpress.com with lots of cool information about staff, buildings, policies, etc.

  6. If a student does not attend a course, will the course be automatically dropped from his/her schedule?  It is the student’s responsibility to withdraw from the course. Without doing so, the student may be charged, and/or receive a failing grade in the course.  As stated in the University Catalog, “students are academically and financially responsible for their course registrations, to enroll for courses which they seek to earn credit, and to terminate enrollment in courses which they do not intend to complete”.

  7. How does a student drop/withdraw from a course? At the beginning of each semester, there is a “late Registration, drop/add, or drop with no academic record” period (see the University Academic Calendar for dates). During that time period, students may modify their course schedules within WebAdvisor.  After the “drop with no academic record period is over”, students can no longer drop courses within WebAdvisor, and must begin the drop process with their Academic Adviser. After meeting with their Academic Adviser, the student will bring a Registration form, indicating the drop, to the Office of the Registrar for processing.

  8. Is the course drop/withdrawal process different for first-year students? Yes, it is. First-year students cannot modify their course schedules in WebAdvisor. They must make an appointment with their first-year adviser in order to make any changes.

  9. Can a student totally withdraw from the university in WebAdvisor? No, a student cannot drop the entire schedule within WebAdvisor. In order to totally withdraw from the University, a student must begin that process by meeting with a University Retention Counselor in the University Academic Center (Prince Building, room 213F).

  10. How do I request a transcript?  Students must complete a Transcript Request form (www.coastal.edu/registrar/transcripts.html) and submit it to the Office of the Registrar for processing.

  11. My Academic Adviser is not available to sign my form – what do I do? If your Academic Adviser is temporarily unavailable, work with the Administrative Assistant for that Academic Department to set up an appointment with your Adviser. Otherwise, seek guidance from the Department Chair of the Adviser’s Academic Department.

  12. Where do I find important academic dates? Academic dates may be found in the University Academic Calendar, located online at: http://www.coastal.edu/registrar/acadcalendar.html

  13. How do I obtain enrollment verification? Enrollment verifications are a self-service feature available to students within WebAdvisor.

  14. I have my own email address – why should I use my Coastal assigned email address? The university utilizes student’s Coastal assigned email accounts as an official means of communication. Students are responsible for checking their Coastal email accounts frequently, and acting upon any information received.

  15. When are bills due? The Office of Student Accounts does not issue paper bills.  All billing is done through WebAdvisor.  Each year they post a grid on the Student Accounts website and on WebAdvisor that indicates when bills will be available online, when payments are due and when the first financial aid disbursement of each semester will occur.

  16. How do I register for classes?  It is mandatory for all new incoming freshman and transfer students to attend an Orientation. New incoming students starting the spring semester will attend an orientation in January and fall students have several dates to choose from in the summer.  While at Orientation the student will meet with an advisor and get their class schedule.

  17. Who is my advisor?  All new incoming freshman and transfer students are assigned an advisor during their new student Orientation.

  18. What size sheets does my child need to stay in the dorms?  The beds in the halls are extra-long not the standard twin size.  University Place had double size beds.

  19. When is move in day for students? Freshman move-in day is the start of Welcome Week.  All freshman  follow a schedule in the fall for move in. The link for that schedule is http://www.coastal.edu/housing/movein.html .  Transfer students move in is the weekend before classes start.

  20. How do I use my CINO card?  The CINO Card is your college ID.  The card is required to check out books, to use the recreation & convocation center, to obtain tickets for games and performances, and for class attendance.  The CINO Card is also used for meal plans and CINO Cash.  www.coastal.edu/cinocard/faq.html.

  21. Can freshman students have a car on campus? All students can have a car on campus if they wish.  They are required to purchase a parking decal to park on University Property.

  22. Where do I get a parking decal? Students can purchase decals at Student Accounts or pay online at www.coastal.edu/safety/police/decals . The decal is valid for the full academic year.

  23. What immunizations do students need to have?  Every student entering a South Carolina college or university is required to provide an immunization record prior to enrollment. Please complete the Health History/Immunization Form and return it to Student Health Services or bring it with you to Orientation. The completed form is due by Aug. 1 for the fall term and by Dec. 15 for the spring term.

  24. When is the fall semester over? The last day of class for fall 2012 is December 5th.  The last day of finals is December 13th.  You can find the academic calendars at http://www.coastal.edu/registrar/acadcalendar.html .

  25. What is my username and password?  Students can retrieve your username and password by using the online search as http://www.coastal.edu/search/password or by visiting the Student Computing Services (Prince 204).  They must bring their student ID.  Newly accepted students can call 843-349-2028 and after verifying their information will be given their username and password.