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Testing Center

Coastal Carolina University makes every effort to provide appropriate testing accommodations for students with learning disabilities. Due to space and personnel constraints, it is preferable to arrange the accommodations directly with your instructor, once he/she has been notified of your specific disability. The Testing Center can be used as an alternate test site when other arrangements cannot be made. To ensure that your instructor and the Accessibility and Disability Services staff can assist you in a timely fashion, please follow these steps:

  1. Schedule an appointment with an Accessibility Coordinator at the beginning of each semester to update your status at the university. Faculty Notification Forms will be completed for you to deliver to each of your faculty.
  2. Meet with each of your instructors to discuss testing and the accommodations you require. If possible, arrange for accommodations to be provided directly by your professor. If you need to test at The Testing Center then you must complete the Proctor form with your instructor. Your instructor must approve the Proctor Sheet including the scheduled times and dates of the test, and listing materials, if any, you will be allowed to bring and use during testing.
  3. Students who wish to arrange for testing in The Testing Center can obtain a Proctor Sheet at the Office of Accessibility and Disability Services. Completed forms must be submitted to the Office one week prior to each test so that proctoring arrangements can be made. When scheduling your tests, please keep in mind that we schedule tests from 8:30 am – 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday. (If you have a test that will take more than two hours to complete, it cannot be scheduled at 3:00pm). Students planning to take final exams in The Testing Center must inform Disability Services two weeks prior to finals.
  4. On the day of a scheduled test or exam, arrive at 106 Kearns Hall at the scheduled time. The time allotted for your test will not be extended due to tardiness. Students arriving early will not be permitted to start their test until the scheduled time, nor will students be permitted to study during their scheduled testing time. Your instructor and Accessibility Coordinator will be notified of late arrivals and no shows.
  5. Students accommodated with testing services at The Testing Center are expected to adhere to the Academic Honesty Policy as stated by the University. Please be advised that the testing facilities at Accessibility and Disability Services are monitored and recorded by Closed Circuit Television.


Guidelines for Faculty

The following are the proper steps to ensure that the student will be able to schedule his test with disability services:

  1. Students who wish to arrange testing in the Testing Center (106 Kearns Hall) must have a  Proctor Sheet  filled out by their instructor.  Please fill out completely.  We must know how the test will be received in the Accessibility and Disability Services Office.  Also, we need to be informed as to how the instructor would like for us to return the test to them.  Please check appropriate accommodations according to the notification sheet you received from the student. Also, the date and time of the test should be on the form.
  2. After the form has been filled out and returned to Accessibility and Disability Services by the student, the professor must get the test to the Testing Center Coordinator (106 Kearns Hall) before the scheduled time.  
  3. On the day of the exam, the student will start the test at the time given by the instructor.  They will not be allowed to begin early.  The instructor will be notified of late arrivals and no shows and time allotted for the test will not be extended due to tardiness. 
  4. Once the test is completed, the test will be returned to the instructor.  The proctor sheet will tell the Accessibility and Disability Services staff how the instructor would prefer us to return the test to him/her.
  5. Students accommodated with the Testing Center at Accessibility and Disability Services are expected to adhere to the Academic Honesty Policy as stated by the University.  The testing center is monitored and may be recorded.  Any student caught cheating in the Testing Center will be denied any further access to this service and faculty will become solely responsible for meeting testing accommodations.

Questions regarding use of the Testing Center can be addressed to Wendy Woodsby at 349-2503 or wwoodsby@coastal.edu.