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Coastal Carolina University Welcomes the 2016 Teaching Fellows Cohort

The Teaching Fellows Program at Coastal Carolina University has welcomed twenty-three freshman students into the 2016 Cohort. These students were selected by CERRA; the Center for Educator Recruitment, Retention, and Advancement for the state of South Carolina. The mission of the South Carolina Teaching Fellows Program is to recruit talented high school seniors into the teaching profession and help them develop leadership qualities. Teaching Fellows awardees go through a rigorous selection process, which includes an online application, an interview with and presentation to a team of three educators, and a scored response. Following the rigorous selection process, applicants who are rewarded the Fellowship receive up to $24,000 in scholarships (up to $6000 a year for four years) to attend a Teaching Fellows institution in South Carolina. Additionally, Fellows are offered numerous professional development opportunities and are involved with communities and businesses through various service projects and partnerships with local schools.

The 23 students named as the 2016 Coastal Carolina University Teaching Fellows Cohort are: Kayla Adcock, Lilly Anderson, Tiffany Barr, Cloe Bourdages, Alex Del Castillo, Cardezia Douglas, Zakira Felder, Katrina Gallo, Jessica Garner, Brianna Gerald, Sarah Gower, Allie Hall, Kira Hamilton, Caitlyn Hinnerschitz, Samantha Hogan, Maggie Moore, Megan Phillips, Michelle Pitoscia, Alma Sierra, Dillon Smith, Tyler Tuncy, and William Warren.