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Mock Interview Day at Coastal Carolina University February 4, 2017

This year Coastal Carolina University’s Teaching Fellows hosted their third annual Mock Interview Day and it was a great experience for all who participated. The Teaching Fellows put on this event in order to help the candidates chosen by CERRA to do well in their interview, presentation, and writing skills when they go to their official interviews on February 11th. The new potential Teaching Fellows were able to spend time with students on both Coastal Carolina University’s 2015 and 2016 cohorts. Professionals within the community were also able to provide advice and support to those who came to Mock Interview Day.

All of the current Teaching Fellows at Coastal Carolina University had a specific job to do that day as well as participate in a mock interview with a potential fellow. Once the candidates arrived they attended sessions to inform them more about the opportunities available to them as Teaching Fellows and as students in the College of Education here at Coastal Carolina University. After this the candidates rotated in groups to sessions including a writing practice, interview and presentation.

The day concluded with tours of Coastal Carolina University’s beautiful campus and the new residence halls that house all of the first year Teaching Fellows. All in all Mock Interview day was very beneficial to all who attended.