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ANTH 410 (Q) Advanced Archaeological Methods (Credit Hours: 3) (Pre-requisites: ANTH 101/101L or permission of the instructor) This course will provide an overview of the methods used by practicing archaeologists in the field and the laboratory. Discussions will cover theoretical and methodological underpinnings of the practice of archaeology, and will explore some of the most recent, cutting-edge techniques and technologies used today. Finally, we will discuss how our data and analysis inform our understanding and interpretation of the past. Semesters offered: S.

This course is designed to give students hands-on experimental and analysis experience in archaeology. Each week students complete an experimental/replicative activity that then is directly applied to the analysis of archaeological artifacts. Student spend 1 hour per week in lecture and 2 hours engaged in hands-on activities. As a final project, students must complete a replicative study and present those results to the rest of the class. Students also complete a practical exam that involves analysis and interpretation of archaeological materials.   

ANTH 495 (Q) Internship in Anthropology. (Credit Hours: 1-12). (Pre-requisites: permission of instructor, 90 credit hours, 2.5 GPA, 12 hours of Anthropology courses) Internship opportunities across a wide range of institutions, agencies, organizations and businesses are available to students.

This internship course requires application of the methodology and practice of anthropology. Our internship requires students to critically review their performance and engagement and to integrate those within an anthropological framework for their particular internship. The internship is expected to require a minimum of one contact hour per week in the field with additional time required for documentation, etc. It is a variable credit course so between 15 and 180 contact hours are assumed over the course of a 15-week semester.