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Art History


ARTH/ARTD 450 (Q) Ashes2Art: Digital Reconstructions of Ancient Monuments. (Credit Hours: 3) (=ARTD 450) (Pre-requisites: permission of the instructor) Ashes2Art combines cutting edge digital technologies, art history, graphic and web design, and digital photography to recreate monuments of the ancient past. The course is completely hands-on and provides an opportunity for students to combine various skills from disparate disciplines. Students will conduct focused research on a specific monument (or city or object), write essays that summarize various opinions, and document those sources with an extended bibliography. Students then incorporate that research into a web-based project utilizing cutting edge technologies, including Adobe Photoshop, Google Earth, Sketch Up, Panoweaver, Tourweaver, Studio Max, Dreamweaver, Cinema 4D and Macromedia Flash animation.

Ashes2Art provides students with real-world experience in several ways.  Students conduct research, build videos, design 3D models of ancient monuments, design web pages that support those materials. When possible they take on site photographs, digital panoramas, and collect GPS data. We have taken students to Greece multiple times, and one student presented research at a major conference in China and his paper was accepted for the peer-reviewd proceedings publication. A former student is designing 3D models at Colonial Williamsburg due to his work on the project, and our students (Stankiewicz and Horton) won the first CCU Undergraduate Research Competition.  Several students have had multiple images of their digital reconstructions published in peer-reviewd journals. They work as part of a larger group with a common goal, so teamwork skills are essential.