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Art Studio

ARTS 497 (Q) The Artist as a Professional.  (Credit Hours: 3) (Computer Usage) (Pre-requisites: second semester Senior majoring in studio art or permission of adviser) The range of topics covered in this course includes the development of an Artist statement, a biographic statement, resume writing, and portfolio development culminating in a Senior thesis show and professional presentation. Instruction will be given on how to prepare work for presentation orally, as well as in digital format. Students will use the computer extensively in preparing a CD on which they place their entire portfolio (artist statement, bio, resume and digital images). They will also learn how to format their art images for insertion onto the Visual Arts website.

ARTS 497 prepares students for a career in art making or for graduate study in Art Studio. Beyond the basics of craftsmanship, design, and idea, the course forces students to creatively develop their theme and turn it into reality.  Artists must also know how to speak about their work and how to frame it within the larger discourse of art and society.


ARTS/ARTD 440 (Q) Pre-Professional Studio. (Credit Hours: 3) (=ARTS 440) (Pre-requisites: permission of the instructor) A pre-professional studio course providing graphic design and photography services to small businesses, non-profit organizations, and departments throughout the University. Students will gain first hand, real-world experiences through client driven projects. Participants will also learn facets of the business including maintaining client relationships, budgeting, time management, design and development, implementation and final production. Semesters offered: F, S.

ARTS 440/ARTD 440 prepares students for careers in design by putting them into real-world situations, with real deadlines, real clients, producing products for their clients of the quality that professionals in the field would create.