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Interdisciplinary Studies

IDS 495 (Q) Experiential Internship. (Credit Hours 3-12) (Pre-Requisites: Permission of Advisor) The purpose of this experiential internship is designed to provide students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience that complements their interdisciplinary concentration. This course offers individuals educational experiences that bridge academic disciplines and the work place. The guided internship requires 120-480 hours of on-site work depending on the number of credits enrolled (3-12 credits). Students must work through the Internship Process established by the CCU Career Services Guidelines. This course is designed to be variable credit based on the needs of the student. Permission of adviser is necessary to enroll.

Based on the coursework completed for their Interdisciplinary Studies program plan, students will obtain an appropriate internship position to complete their career goals. Students will work with the internship sit supervisor to develop three learning goals and identify the task and responsibilities of the student in order to complete the goals. The student’s grade is based on completing a minimum of 120 hours (3 credits) during the internship and achievement of the learning goals.