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MGMT 320 Entrepreneurial Leadership (section designation for Black).  (Credit Hours: 3) (Pre-requisites: Junior standing) This course focuses on explaining the roles of entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and innovation leaders in organizations and their potential impact on the larger world. The general ethic of the innovative and creative orientation of entrepreneurial leadership will be detailed. Practice in basic entrepreneurial leadership concepts are supported by hands-on projects and exercises. Students will be helped in integrating into their own lives the entrepreneurial ethic for long-run success in business and life. Semesters offered: F, S.

The EL-activity for the course is an active exploration of the world of entrepreneurs and business owners by the student in the form of a term project which requires the student to act as a research assistant in interviewing an entrepreneur of their choice and video recording that series of interviews. They will then edit that raw data into a documentary which explores one or more attributes of a successful entrepreneur or innovation leader.

The final assessment of the course is based on a written reflection on the students' learning over the semester including the term project and a proposal for additional learning to enable the student to implement one or more concept learned in class in their own lives. An oral presentation will also be performed. It is expected that students will engage in an additional  10 to  20 hours in editing the raw interview video into a documentary about the entrpereneur/business owner and the associated business.