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MUS 124F (Q) University Flute Choir University Flute Choir is designed for flutists, majors and non-majors, who desire experience in chamber ensemble performing. Weekly rehearsals will lead to at least two public performances throughout the semester.

Music, as a discipline, is taught through experiential learning, and comprehension through music performance is learned by experiencing the music in theory and practice.  For example, in MUS124F students are expected to learn and perform the new and standard flute choir repertoire at public concert, apply knowledge of musical expression as it pertains to flute ensemble and chamber music, apply correct techniques of tone production as it pertains to the different types of flutes/piccolo in the flute choir, demonstrate an understanding of different styles and periods in music, apply aural, listening and sight reading skills, and apply musicianship and stage skills as related to performance.  The EL activities for the course include music rehearsals in each class meeting, weekly practice homework, and performance quizzes.  The number of experiential contact hours was calculated by multiplying 14 weeks of a semester by our bi-weekly meetings, including 2 public performances and a dress rehearsal, which makes 31 total EL hours for one semester