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THEA 342 (Q) Voice and Speech (Credit hours: 3) (Pre-requisites: B.F.A. Program only or by permission of instructor, completion of THEA 242 with a grade of C or better). The purpose of this class is to deepen the actor’s ability to express complex thought and true emotion through articulate speech. The class builds on work from Vocal Production for the Actor, solidifying the actor’s ability to perform challenging text. The study of phonetics is used to support these goals, and as the basis for future dialect study.

This course includes 2 major performance, reflective exercises, journaling, and in-class discussions.  For the performances, student will enegage in preparatory exercises, rehearsals and the performances themselves. There will be in-class discussion on students' individual and ensemble process, including how they are applying their voice work to in-class performances and CCU Theatre performances,  what challenges they are discovering in these performance situations; setting, evaluating and re-evaluating individual goals throughtout the semester. Discussion of how their Voice and Speech studies are affecting (changing, reinforcing, challenging, etc.) their acting work in other classes, CCU productions and the way they communicate in daily life. Ongoing discussion of vocational aspects of Voice and Speech (applications and expectations in professional theatre and related fields). Ongoing discussion of how our Voice and Speech work intersects with societal constructs, including but not limited to: personal expression, gender roles, societal perceptions of vocal qualities and dialects.