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Catalog of Books

The following reference materials on Experiential Learning are available for the faculty to check out from the Experiential Learning Office located in Sands Hall, Room 123. These are excellent materials that describe the theory and practice of experiential learning.


Author Title
Arndt, Terry  Backpack to Briefcase
Baird, Brian N. Internship, Practicum, & Field Placement Handbook
Beard, Colin The Experiential Learning Toolkit
Bryant, J. Alison Integrating Service-Learning into the University Classroom
Butin, Dan W. Service-Learning in Theory and Practice
Cantor, Jeffrey  Experiential Learning in Higher Education
Cates, Cheryl Leveraging Cooperative Education to Guide Curricular Innovation
Coplin, Bill 10 Things Employers Want You to Learn in College
Holley, Karri A. Understanding Interdisciplinary Challenges & Opportunities in Higher Education
Kolb, David A. Experiential Learning-Experience As A Source of Learning and Development 
Kuh, George Student Success in College
Linn, Patricia L. Cooperative Education and Internships
Macfarlane, Bruce  The Academic Citizen 
Parks, Sharon D. Big Questions Worthy Dreams 
Qualters, Donna M. Experiential Education: Making the Most of Learning Outside the Classroom
Russo, Rosemarie Jumping from the Ivory Tower
Smith, Thomas E. Sourcebook of Experiential Education
Sweitzer, H. Frederick The Successful Internship
Weighart, Scott Find Your First Professional Job
Wurdinger, Scott D. Teaching for Experiential Learning (5 Approaches that Work)
Wurdinger, Scott D. Using Experiential Learning in the Classroom