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HIST 289L (Q*) History Lab: Careers (Credit Hours: 1) This laboratory introduces students to various fields of historical work and potential career opportunities in history through a possible combination of hands-on projects, readings, discussions, field trips, and invited speakers. It assists students in understanding their personal academic and career goals and helps to train students in the skills necessary to navigate their goals.

This course focuses on students' career goals. Students are introduced to potential career paths in history through research, contact with guest speakers, interviews with professionals, and worksite visits. Each student will develop a hands-on project that immerses them in a possible career choice. The final portfolio consists of the job materials, such as a resume, cover letter, mock interview, etc., that will be compiled over the course of the semester. It also contains reflective writings regarding their project (which is much like a "mini-internship"). The estimated number of experiential contact hours (25-20) includes the hands-on activities and the time spent outside of class while performing the tasks that relate directly to their potential career.

HIST 495 (Q) Internship in History. (Credit Hours: 3) (Pre-requisites: permission of the Department Chair required) Open to Senior History majors with a minimum 3.00 GPA and subject to availability. The supervised internship requires 120 hours of on-site employment, a journal, and a term paper. The purpose of the internship is to provide students with practical training and experience in history-related work and introduce them to local and regional employers in fields of applied history.

The Internship in History is an experiential learning opportunity requiring that students pursue applied activities based on their theoretical understanding of historical perspectives and analytical methods.  Internship students reflect on their expectations as well as their learned experiences in their journals, and will produce a final paper analyzing what they have learned and how it relates to their newly expanded understanding of historically-informed activities.  Students are required to spend 120 hours in their internship activities over the course of a semester.