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Honors Program

HONR 325 (Q*) Service Learning. (Credit Hours: 3) Students participate in public service with local agencies in order to understand the relationship between civic responsibility and higher education. In the classroom, students reflect upon the function and necessity of their service as well as on its limitations in responding to specific community needs and general social problems.

Students in this course volunteer with a local nonprofit organization of their choice for a minimum of 35 hours. In addition to the 35 hours of hands-on experiential learning, students spend time throughout the semester  doing academic research and writing a reflective, experience-based research paper on their chosen issue. Students who complete this course will promote social sustainability through volunteer work, write a research paper that combines scholarly research on the social issue that their chosen organization addresses with their own experiences as a volunteer. Students will promote volunteerism amongst the student body by organizing events on campus or by doing a short video/PSA/commercial for their chosen organization.