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CHEM 352L Biochemistry Laboratory I (section designation for Richardson). (Credit Hours:1) (Pre-requisites: CHEM 351 and 351L) (Co-requisites: CHEM 352) This course covers experiments designed to reinforce those topics covered in the lecture: protein synthesis, nucleic acid extractions, and electrophoretic analyses. Semesters offered: S.    

The EL experience for this laboratory is best explained by the method in which the class is conducted; the whole class is an EL experience. This experience is unique in that it is an integrated project that builds off the results from the previous labs (a mistake at any stage can cause the entire process to fail, forcing the student to repeat the process from the beginning). The students must work in a group because the students must learn how to work together and communicate with each other and with the professor.  The students follow the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) in the industry. At the end of each day they turn in lab notebooks electronically (eNotebooks) to write out the purpose, methods and results gained in the day’s experience. In their final report they discuss how they could have improved their productivity based on the results they achieved and the techniques they used.