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ENGL 209 (Q*) Blue Ridge to Blue Sea: Cultures of the American South (Credit Hours: 3) (Pre-requisites. ENGL 101). This course will immerse students in diverse perspectives on the American South by investigating the ways in which the multifaceted cultural space and histories from "Blue Ridge" to "BlueSea" are reflected in literature and other media.

ENGL 209: Blue Ridge to Blue Sea: Cultures of the American South will immerse Coastal Carolina students in diverse perspectives—aesthetic, ecological, socio-historical—on the American South. While  “Blue Ridge to Blue Sea” has a travel immersion element taking students on a journey through a remarkably diverse section of the region wherein they will experience the variety and depth of southern landscapes and cultures. Students will examine significant natural and built environments in this subregion, including museums, historic sites, plantation manors, authors’ homes, and waterways. Significant creative writers, scholars, and other relevant professionals will serve as “resident experts” on many of the places and materials we cover in class.

Travel immersion activities may include hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains (Pisgah National Forest, NC); touring literary sites, such as novelist Thomas Wolfe’s house (Asheville, NC); poet Carl Sandburg’s mountain farm; the former home of Confederate Secretary of State Christopher Memminger (Flat Rock, NC); touring historical sites such as Drayton Hall Plantation (Charleston, SC); Fort Moultrie (where Edgar Allan Poe was stationed in the U.S. Army (Sullivan’s Island, SC)); Fort Sumter (Charleston, SC), the South Carolina State House; encounter the Gullah culture of Sandy Island (Murrells Inlet, SC); and examine the biodiversity and Native artifacts of regional waterways (Waccamaw River, SC).