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English 101

In ENGL 101, Composition, students gain experience in various types of writing. A research paper is required. Revising and editing skills are practiced.

This course includes 4–6 formal writing assignments as well as a number of informal pieces and a final exam. Individual assignments vary with each instructor, but all ENGL 101 sections can be expected to:

  1. explore the drafting, revision, and editing of academic prose
  2. emphasize the concepts of intellectual property, the definition of plagiarism, and documentation
  3. introduce students to library research and to the Writing Center
  4. spend significant class time on pragmatic writing tasks such as paragraph formation, sentence structure, source integration and basic rhetoric

Focusing on the writing process by stressing the importance of pre-writing, writing, and rewriting, ENGL 101  examines the connections among writer, reader, and subject. As you work through ENGL 101, you will attend to the intersections of critical reading, thinking, and writing.

ENGL 101 also focuses on essay writing (which may take the form of narratives, descriptions, profiles, reviews, and research papers); as a student of composition, you will be presented with a variety of reading and writing scenarios and will have to think about your audience(s) and purpose(s) as you work to compose rhetorically effective texts. No matter what genres you work in, you will be moving into the world of academic writing as you use your writing to respond to both the thinking and words of others—moves central to most intellectual work.

So, in addition to focusing on the writing process and essay writing, ENGL 101 also concentrates on research strategies. As you move through this class, you will bring both primary and secondary sources into your writing as you gather, analyze, and critique information. Using outside sources in these ways will enable you to come to your own conclusions as you consider others’ perspectives regarding a spectrum of issues, questions, and topics.

REMEMBER:  You must pass ENGL 101 and 102 (or 101 and 211) with a C or better in order to satisfy this Core requirement.