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Student Learning Outcomes for First-Year Composition

1.  Reading. To demonstrate the ability to comprehend and analyze language, you’ll need to show that you can read with understanding and purpose by doing the following:

  • Integrate quotations smoothly and appropriately into your writing.
  • Summarize and paraphrase sources accurately, and acknowledge (cite) your sources honestly.
  • Synthesize multiple written sources, using several sources to support one point or discussing likenesses and differences among several sources.

2.   Writing. To demonstrate the ability to express yourself clearly and effectively, you must fulfill the following expectations for successful writing:

  • Establish a main point, a focus, or an argument (a thesis).
  • Provide supporting reasons or evidence.
  • Organize and structure the project logically.
  • Employ varied sentence structure, effective diction, and an engaging style.
  • Conform to conventional mechanics, spelling, and grammar.

3.   Thinking Critically. To demonstrate the ability to comprehend, analyze, and critically evaluate information, you must use critical thinking in the following ways:

  • Choose appropriate, reliable written sources.
  • Respond to and comment on written sources.
  • Critique written sources.