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Professorial Faculty


Jen Boyle (Associate Professor) Early Modern, New Media, Theory

Veronica Gerald (Assistant Professor) American Literature, African American Studies, Gullah and American Studies

Steven Hamelman (Professor) Early American Literature, Literary and Media Theory, Popular Music 

Ray Moye (Associate Professor) Old and Middle English

Kate Faber Oestreich (Assistant Professor) British Literature of the Long Nineteenth Century, Critical Theory, Feminism 

Anna Oldfield (Assistant Professor) Comparative Literature, Russian Literature and Film 

Tripthi Pillai (Assistant Professor) English Renaissance Literature and Drama, Shakespeare 

Cynthia Port (Associate Professor) Modern and Contemporary British and Anglophone Literature, Age Studies, Literary and Cultural Theory 

Daniel Cross Turner (Associate Professor) Modern and Contemporary American Literature, Southern Literature, Poetry/Poetics, Film 

Keaghan Turner (Assistant Professor) Late Victorian Literature and Culture, Writing and Digital Media, Gender Studies


Becky Childs (Associate Professor and Associate Department Chair) Sociolinguistics, Accoustic Phonetics, Phonology 

J. Daniel Hasty (Assistant Professor) Sociolinguistics, Syntactic Variation, Language Attitudes 

Creative Writing

Cara Blue Adams (Assistant Professor) Creative Writing, Fiction 

Dan Albergotti (Professor and Department Chair) Creative Writing, Poetry 

Jason Ockert (Associate Professor) Creative Writing, Fiction 

Joe Oestreich (Associate Professor) Creative Writing, Nonfiction 

Writing and Rhetoric

Emma Howes (Assistant Professor) Composition and Rhetoric, Literacy Studies, and Feminist Theory

David Kellogg (Associate Professor) Technical and Professional Writing, Rhetoric of Science 

Denise Paster (Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Composition) Composition and Rhetoric 

Alan Reid (Assistant Professor) Composition, Professional and Technical Writing, Instructional Design and Technology 

Christian Smith (Assistant Professor) Composition and Rhetoric

Carol OsborneAssociate Dean/Professor 843-349-2658EHFA 201 D
Dan AlbergottiChair/Professor 843-349-2420EHFA 223
Cara AdamsAssistant Professor 843-349-2532EHFA 234
Ellen ArnoldSenior Lecturer/Assessment Coordinator 843-349-2606EHFA 289
Jennifer BartellTeaching Associate SAND 116
Jason BordtLecturer 843-349-6658SAND 122
James BortonTeaching Associate 843-349-6662EHFA 109
Jen BoyleAssociate Professor 843-349-6654EHFA 206
Derrick BraceyTeaching Associate SAND 116
Colin BurchLecturer 843-349-6617SAND 125 A
Lena ButingaroTeaching Associate 843-349-6930SAND 116
P. Michael CampbellLecturer 843-349-6492SAND 123
Becky ChildsAssociate Professor843-349-6428EHFA 209
Brian DruckenmillerTeaching Associate 843-349-6931SAND 116
Mary EmeryLecturer 843-349-2833SAND 122
Cathy Focarazzo RileyTeaching Associate 843-349-2334SAND 116
Veronica GeraldAssistant Professor 843-349-2429EHFA 212
Lisa GravesTeaching AssociateSAND 116
Amanda GrefskiLecturer 843-349-4084SAND 122
Jeremy GriffinTeaching Associate 843-349-4091SAND 116
Steven HamelmanProfessor 843-349-2623EHFA 291
Catherine HarrisonLecturer 843-349-6625SAND 123
Daniel HastyAssistant Professor 843-349-6685EHFA 208
Katherine HeinTeaching Associate 843-349-2786SAND 116
Hastings HenselLecturer 843-349-2917SAND 125 A
Linda HollandsworthTeaching Associate 843-349-2439MBEC 214B
Emma HowesAssistant Professor SAND 118
Roger JohansenLecturer 843-349-2756SAND 125 A
David KelloggAssociate Professor 843-349-6554EHFA 293
Candace KellyTeaching Associate SAND 116
Andrew LeshTeaching AssociateSANDS 116
Linda MartinLecturer 843-234-3495SAND 123
Steve McCartneyLecturer 843-349-2798SAND 122
Ray MoyeAssociate Professor 843-349-2948EHFA 203
Jason OckertAssociate Professor 843-349-2531EHFA 233
Kate Faber OestreichAssistant Professor 843-349-6602EHFA 211
Joe OestreichAssociate Professor 843-349-2433EHFA 215
Anna OldfieldAssistant Professor 843-349-6591EHFA 204
Denise PasterCoordinator of Composition/Assistant Professor 843-349-2612EHFA 214
Tripthi PillaiAssistant Professor 843-234-3410EHFA 207
Paul PlisiewiczTeaching Associate 843-349-6423SAND 116
Cynthia PortAssociate Professor 843-349-2565EHFA 290
Katie PrinceTeaching Associate SAND 116
Alan J. ReidAssistant Professor 843-349-6423SAND 117
Shawna Halbert RoesslerTeaching Associate 843-349-2781SAND 116
Sara SandersDistinguished Professor Emeritus~ English
Kimberly ShegogTeaching Associate SAND 116
Ryan ShelleyLecturer 843-349-4179SAND 123
Christian SmithAssistant Professor 843-349-2532EHFA 210
Sara SobotaLecturer 843-349-2507SAND 125 A
Shannon StewartLecturer 843-349-2475SAND 121
Joan TrupianoAdministrative Specialist 843-349-6423EHFA 224
Daniel Cross TurnerAssociate Professor 843-349-2432EHFA 292
Keaghan TurnerAssistant Professor 843-349-2711SAND 114
Tammy WinnerTeaching Associate 843-241-0306EHFA 224
Robert ZackowskiTeaching Associate 843-455-9129SAND 116