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Director of Composition: Dr. Denise Paster

Coastal Carolina University’s Writing Program invites students to develop and polish their writing skills as they consider the contexts, purposes, and audiences that shape the decisions they make as writers. In addition to approaching writing as a social process grounded in inquiry, First-Year Composition (FYC) classes (ENGL 101: Composition , ENGL 102: Compositon and Critical Reading, and ENGL 211: Introduction to Professional and Technical Writing ) at CCU stress the importance of reflective analysis, critical thinking, and close reading.

Since all First-Year Composition courses share the same goals and outcomes , students in all FYC courses can expect to encounter a variety of writing projects, read and discuss samples of effective writing, and practice valuable skills such as summary, synthesis, analysis, argument, and critique. Specific strategies, class activities, and writing assignments will vary by course and section, but all FYC courses focus on academic writing—the kind of writing expected in most college classrooms.

Working with texts by responding to the words and ideas of others through quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing is central to academic writing. By stressing these skills, FYC classes highlight the importance of joining the larger community of academic writers by adding to conversations that take place through texts.

The First-Year Composition program celebrates student writing through an annual Best Essay Contest, which recognizes the strong work produced by student writers at Coastal Carolina University.