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Course of Study

"The faculty at CCU fostered a supportive community of writers while still giving each student their full attention, 100%, all the time. I never felt like a number or cog. I never felt cloned or primed for a path I didn't want. The MAW degree gave me time to discern my own interests, then strapped rocket jets to my backpack and launched me into the future at light speed." - Megan Fahey, MAW alum


The Master of Arts in Writing degree requires 33 graduate credit hours. The curriculum consists of six credits in core courses, nine credits in workshops, six credits in literature or linguistics courses, nine elective credits, and three credits in ENGL 699: Master’s Portfolio Workshop. All graduate writing courses are worth three credits.


Students must take at least two of the three core courses:

    ENGL 602: Principles of Editing and Publishing
    ENGL 603: Special Topics in Forms of Creative Writing
    ENGL 604: Composition and Rhetoric


Students must take at least three of the following workshop courses:

    ENGL 652: Graduate Writing Workshop–Fiction
    ENGL 655: Graduate Writing Workshop–Creative Nonfiction
    ENGL 658: Graduate Writing Workshop–Poetry
    ENGL 663: Graduate Writing Workshop–Short Novel
    ENGL 681: Workshop in Professional and Technical Writing
    ENGL 682: Workshop in Composition and Rhetoric
    ENGL 683: Writing and Editing Internship


Students must take at least two of the following literature courses:

    ENGL 628: Topics in British Literature
    ENGL 635: Topics in American Literature
    ENGL 691: Topics in World Literature
    ENGL 653: Topics in Linguistics

ELECTIVES (9 credits)

Students are expected to complete additional MA in Writing workshops and courses in literature and linguistics at the 500, 600, or 700 level. In addition to the courses listed above, other courses that students may take for elective credit include:

    ENGL 569: Literary Magazine Production
    ENGL 680: Topics in Professional and Technical Writing
    ENGL 698: Thesis Research


    ENGL 699: Master’s Portfolio Workshop